Lighting Support from the Experts

Whether you’re dealing with a defective ballast or fixture issue, our support team at Lumen FX is ready with workable solutions to any lighting issue!

Lumen FX wants you to have the best possible lighting design experience. We understand that a lot can go wrong in an electrical wiring scenario in which you are working with complex design elements, new structures, or processes.

Our team can help. We have working relationships with the highest quality lighting manufacturers in the U.S., and are happy to help you troubleshoot concerns with specific processes and products, as well as liaise between your company and the manufacturer.

Common Issues We Regularly Troubleshoot

If you have a lighting question or issue and don’t know where to turn, contact our team. We’re ready with workable solutions to any lighting problem, and are happy to talk you through each scenario step-by-step, over the phone or in person.