Solutions for Lighting Defects and Problems

If you’re struggling with lighting product defects or other problems, we’ve got you covered. View our recommendations and resources below.

Taking positive action to resolve problematic defects and other lighting issues can make the difference between profitable growth and funds lost due to recurring issues. At Lumen FX, we are ready to help you take on each and every challenge, from defective ballasts to mis-wired fixtures.

The Importance of Prior Authorization & Labor Charges

The number one rule of a successful lighting project is to never hire contractors to perform any work without prior authorization and approval of labor charges. Most lighting manufacturers worth their salt include terms that strictly enforce one rule: that no claims are honored unless prior authority has been granted by the manufacturer to perform work on a job. This rule:

  • Protects your time: When followed, this guideline protects you from engaging in disagreements over how much time was spent performing a repair.
  • Streamlines manufacturing: From a factory-processing standpoint, it may be more important to completely replace equipment rather than field repair. However, in certain situations, it may make budgetary sense for you to have a factory team come in to make repairs at your plant.

With authorizations in place, you and your repair team can make the most profitable decision for your project.

icon-questionSpecific Problems & Solutions

Depending on the issue, we recommend a wide variety of different solutions and resources. The following solutions to common problems can deliver the prompt answers you seek:

  • HD ballasts: Contact your agent for more information.
  • Compact fluorescent: Contact your agent.
  • Linear fluorescent: Our team at Lumen FX would love to be able to handle defective replacements on linear ballasts. However, due to a policy put in place by ballast manufacturers, not fixture manufacturers, our hands are tied. If you have purchased a single fixture and the ballast fails, consider contacting your local distributor for a swap.

If a ballast fails on a project, the following procedure will get you back on track quickly:

  • Collect the date code from the ballast(s)
  • Call the appropriate ballast manufacturer, preferably from your job site, and ask for the warranty service department.
  • Note name of service department representative.
  • Advise representative of the part number and quanity of the defective ballasts, as well as their date code.
  • Mention that you will require a labor reimbursement, which often equals $20.00 each.
  • Give representative the job name and ask that they create a log of this name.
  • Send replacement ballasts ASAP to the job site to replace the defectives. Be sure to ask your representative to enclose both of the following in the package with the ballasts: check for labor and RGA for defective ballasts.
  • Repeat this process for any subsequent failures. Be sure to speak to the same representative each time to establish report and a history with your rep. Doing so will put you in the best possible position to demand higher labor compensation for subsequent return trips. During each exchange, be sure to advise that labor will be necessary for replacement of the defective ballast.

Replacement Hotlines

If you’re unsure who to contact regarding your defective ballast, the following list can help you narrow down your options. Please feel free to contact our team at any time!