Visualize Your Project with
Lighting Software

Lighting software can help you clarify pressing visualization and calculations questions relating to your lighting design. Try our top picks, here.

Lighting software is essential to prepping projects, testing designs, and obtaining workable lighting measurements. We are proud to offer our most-valued lighting softwares for your use, below – some the highest-acclaimed softwares in the industry:

  • Visual: This collection of lighting calculations tools and powerful 3D modeling software has been engineered specifically to simplify your design process and offer comprehensive analysis for your advanced lighting project. This software includes the Lumen Method Tool, which specifically targets those who are interested in developing and documenting interior lighting layouts with uniform illuminance in mind.
  • Economic viewer: The new economic viewer from Acuity Lighting Group enables users to perform simple financial comparisons between lighting alternatives. This viewer takes both initial and annual costs into consideration and determines payback periods and internal rates of return.
  • Photometric Viewer Software: New Photometric Viewer 2.1 from Lithonia provides users with the opportunity to view or print full photometric reports. These reports can be viewed side-by-side to provide quick, easy comparisons. This software also offers lighting estimators, which calculate illuminance levels for interior rooms, exterior area lighting, and wallwashing.

If you need assistance visualizing and modeling a lighting project, determining financial options, or comparing two versions of the same project, our lighting softwares can help. Contact us today, or visit one of the above links to learn more.