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With  years of experience and contacts with the most elite lighting manufacturers in the industry, Lumen FX provides support for your lighting projects.

Whether you need design assistance around specific models, calculations, budgets, sample demonstrations or even mockups, our team is prepared.

Brands We Trust


Here is a sampling of some of the major manufacturers we represent. To see the complete line card with links Click here.

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Acuity Brands Lighting
Tech Lighting

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Custom Lighting Design

Outdoor lighting at storefront

Looking for lighting suit a particular mood or space? We have decades of experience helping our clients light diverse spaces, from restaurants to spas. We’re here to remove your roadblocks to a successful, complete project and help you achieve your goals, on time and on budget.

    Specialized Design Services

  • Lighting recommendations
  • Lighting calculations
  • Budget preparation
  • Sample demonstrations
  • Lighting mockups

Interested in our design expertise? Call Lumen FX today at (406) 245-7116.

Your Lighting Needs

Resources & Support

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Calculation Requests

Lumen FX provides computer-aided calculations for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Use our online calculation form to help us properly assess your lighting needs!

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Defects & Problems

Taking action to resolve defects and lighting issues can make the difference between profitable growth and funds lost due to recurring issues. At Lumen FX, we are here to help you tackle each roadblock.

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Lighting Software

Lighting software is essential to prepping projects, testing designs, and obtaining workable lighting measurements. We are proud to offer our most-valued lighting softwares for your use.

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